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“Our agency was created by physicians for physicians to represent their interests. We help employed, self-employed, and private practice physicians form business structures that maximize their professional goals.

Medicine is complex and you need an agent to represent you and your interests. SimpliMD is a holistic physician agency who builds a long-term relationship with you that is broader than basic contract review.

SimpliMD is a company established by Drs. Stillson and Binfet with the intent of assisting fellow physicians attain the same level of independence that they have enjoyed while simultaneously maintaining alignment with healthcare entities in order to maximize professional, financial, and personal potentials. They invite you to join them on this journey to independence and success!
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Dr. Tod Stillson


I am a full time family physician who has experienced the full spectrum of independent practice to hospital employment.  During my over 25 years of experience I have learned that “I don’t want to run my own practice.” But I have also been frustrated by the constant barrage of limitations that corporate employment places on creative, innovative, and hard working physicians.  After reflecting on all my options, I came to the realization that something had to change. This began my journey towards a professional business structure that would help my career and restore my passion for the practice of medicine. A simple change returned the pleasure of going to work every day.

Having made this discovery, I have made it my mission to share this hidden treasure with my peers. Medicine is such a special calling, and with physician burnout at an all time high, I know that this path can help restore your professional well-being through enhanced personal and professional autonomy.

SimpliMD provides physicians a turnkey program that allows them to experience what I tasted daily since I made this change. More time with my precious family, no changes in my work place, incredibly higher income, and a sense of control over my medical practice.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but come join me to learn more about how you can experience a practice model that helps you thrive as a professional.  Don’t be afraid of change, it will be worth it!

Dr. Joseph Binfet


I am a full time primary care physician with over 10 years of experience practicing medicine in a variety of venues. My current practice serves an independently operated hospital system but historically I have also practiced as an employee of a very large corporate hospital based system. In medical school, I entertained the idea of ultimately starting an independent practice, but while experiencing the chaotic nature of residency, like the majority of other physicians, I settled for an employment contract. This seemed like the “turnkey” answer and “everyone does it.”


While the full autonomy inherent to private practice was certainly alluring, navigating the complexities of modern day medicine seemed like an impossibility and taking on the financial risk associated with independent practice was very intimidating. My initial employment agreement provided an initial sensation of stability, but I quickly learned that the autonomy I was promised was not as advertised, and the limitations forced upon me were so dissatisfying that I decided to pivot in a new direction.

I started on the journey to forming an independent professional corporation that has allowed me to continue providing full time primary care while also restoring practice autonomy and even facilitating opportunities to use my medical degree in new innovative ways. More importantly it is allowing me to enjoy more time with my incredible family, retain more hard earned capital, save more for retirement, and ultimately regain the career satisfaction that I sought to find years ago.

The success of my journey along with the success also achieved by my SimpliMD partner, Dr. Tod Stillson, inspired the genesis of our company SimpliMD. We have assembled a team of professionals to guide you down this same path that can lead to professional autonomy, financial opportunity and optimal satisfaction. Stop wondering. Stop waiting. Start believing and start moving with us along this journey.

John Stillson


I am a family medicine resident with a passion for helping physicians leverage the business of medicine. My current training at a safety net hospital in Texas is preparing me to practice at the top of my medical license. The problem is that most physicians have not been prepared to leverage the unique physician business opportunities afforded to them. Instead, they have been herded like sheep into one size fits all employment models where they give up their autonomy and over time lose satisfaction with their careers. Physicians deserve better.

It is time for you to regain your autonomy, efficiently capture your value, increase your satisfaction, and leverage the opportunities your medical degree provides. With SimpliMD you have experienced professionals at your disposal to lead the way towards a brighter career. 

Lattice Legal

Lattice Legal is a core partner to SimpliMD in representing the individual, professional, and personal needs of our physician clients. The concierge legal practice and its associated business professionals are accessible only through our program. With their highly experienced countrywide network, they will help provide you the important legal, business, tax, investment, and accounting elements that are necessary to properly implement your individualized program with SimpliMD. This team, who understands the unique needs of physicians, plays a critical role in supporting the creation, launch, and ongoing monitoring of your choice to hire SimpliMD to transition you to a comprehensive physician-centered business model.


“As a medical professional myself in the field of nursing, I have certainly witnessed the emotional strain that many physicians feel. I accepted this as “the norm” for how physicians intrinsically feel about their career structure, but as I observed how those professional limitations affected my husband’s satisfaction, I knew it was time for a change.

The concept of change was intimidating. This was largely fueled by the uncertainty associated with taking a new path. With our family of five children and the natural chaos inherent to that dynamic, starting our own fully operational independent practice seemed like an impossibility. I was worried that we may not be able to keep up with the demands generated by the development of our new company. However, we have organized an amazing team of professionals to assist in managing the legal, accounting and other logistics of our company making the transition and maintenance truly simple. In fact, I have been able to transition from full time nursing to full time mom at home providing me invaluable time with my kids. We are now able to secure our retirement much sooner through the financial freedom we have gained by becoming a PC. The time my husband spends at the office is validated even more by the opportunity that SimpliMD provided by working on our behalf with his employer.

With SimpliMD there is a simple way to transform the lives of other physicians and their families. We have worked through the bumps and along with our team, we are excited to help navigate the road for others. Please contact us so that we can help guide you down a path to professional satisfaction and financial freedom.”

-Physician Spouse 

“I knew that my husband worked hard everyday and dedicated himself to taking care of both our family and his patient population. In our small community, he was accessible, personable, and dedicated to quality care. This made his practice successful and also helped his employer be very successful. When we both began to feel his employer was not valuing his work ethic by placing caps on his productivity pay, it caused us to search for solutions.

In that process, we took the brave step of forming our own corporation and began the journey within the small business world. We were able to not change jobs, or employers, but simply transitioned to an alternative employment contract called a PSA. Regaining control of Tod’s professional life, and making sure he was paid at Fair Market Value brought a peace to both of us.

I became our book-keeper for the business, while I remained a stay at home mom. We joined arms in running a business together, and jointly made decisions that would affect our family, finances, and our lives. It was refreshing.

Although there were some moments of uncertainty as we started out, we were smart enough to surround ourselves with a team of legal, business, accounting, and investing professionals who worked as a team to support our transition. This was invaluable, and is the heart of what we want to share with others.

Spouses know of the demands of medicine, and understand as much as anyone the sacrifices needed to do it well. To that end, we know that the physician’s spouse often undervalues themself. This transition has revitalized our sense of togetherness in practicing medicine.

We want others to experience what we have learned, and want to make simple and accessible.”

-Physician Spouse 

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