Business Formation

Customized for physicans as Independent Contractors and Micro Businesses

Every Doctor Is A Business

Every physician has the power to incorporate themself and today it is increasingly important to do this as a safeguard to preserving your professional autonomy. Unlike the traditional view of incorporation equating to private practice, today’s version of incorporation is much more individualized, smaller, mobile, and diverse in its use within the healthcare economy, including the safe harbor of large corporate employment.

Ultimately, your individual corporation will provide you with greater income potential, greater professional satisfaction, and a reduction in your risk for burnout.


Business Formation

SimpliMD is a physician-led agency whose focus is setting up physician corporations so that you can thrive  



We provide you with a team of professionals under one roof that comprehensively that supports your personal and professional needs spanning from residency to retirement

Case Study

Hear how SimpliMD worked for other medical professionals and their spouses

Investing in Yourself

You are a million-dollar small business and you have bet on yourself to be successful. We at SimpliMD agree with you and want to help you succeed by allowing you to hit the “simple” button in operating your small business. By outsourcing to our professional team as your trusted financial and business hub, we will help you flourish in all facets of life. 

  • Free up time for things more important to you 
  • Help you retain more of your hard-earned income
  • Enhance your professional autonomy and general well-being
Blind Spots
Blind Spots

Let’s Build Your Business Together:

  • We put you first and help you reach your goals
  • We understand your physician life and will help you build your individualized corporation around your unique world
  • We will provide the coaching, know-how, and support you need to succeed in your business
  • We will help you more rapidly reach finanical independence through stewarding your investments and managing your debt
  • We will help you worry less and flourish more
  • We will help you maximize the numerous small business tax advantages available to you 


“Simpli” is Irish-Celtic word that reflects our goal as an agency, to make things simple and straight forward for physician’s who are ready to take back control of their medical practice. We want to cut through the complexity of medicine and elevate physicians back into the esteemed and valued position that they deserve. As healthcare professionals, Incorporation is your best option for preserving your professional autonomy. However, we recognize that many of you would prefer not to manage a small corporation due to your lack of business training, and thus SimpliMD was formed to help fill this gap. 

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