Wealth Management

If you have an existing financial adviser or investment firm that you work with, we will be delighted to collaborate with them in regard to your business setup and management.

Wealth Management

We do provide a comprehensive and collaborative relationship with KuhnDillonUmbaugh (KDU) to provide investment and wealth management services seamlessly through your business.  Our legal team will help make sure your corporate structure is built efficiently to help you retain as much of your hard-earned income as possible- both for your present financial needs as well as your future needs.

In a traditional PSA, the organization contracts with a physician (vis-à-vis their practice entity, most commonly a PC) for professional services that are reimbursed through a rate fair market value rate, as noted in this illustration. The organization assumes ownership of the administrative structure of the practice by employing all support staff, performing the billing and collection functions, owning the accounts receivable, etc.. The physician is paid via 1099 to his/her PC for the wRVU compensation at a mutually agreed-upon rate. Salary with bonus is another option.  

KDU and Lattice Legal have years of experience with physicians and understand the unique nuances from the start of your career to its finish. Their expertise with tax-advantaged small business retirement plans will help you arrive at financial independence much faster through your own corporation, especially in comparison with the traditional W-2 employee retirement program.  They will listen to you and help you build the right investment plan to help you reach your goals as you move from stage 1 of your professional life to the freedom associated with stage 3 as you become financially independent.

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