Doctor Incorporated

If you’re tired of being undervalued, micromanaged, and overworked, Doctor Incorporated is for you. Discover exciting, lucrative career options that go far beyond a standard employment contract or winging it with your own private practice. 

It’s Time For A Change

Doctor Incorporated shares a little-known employment model that enables you to significantly increase your retained income while enjoying more freedom. Financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) are within your reach, in addition to greater professional fulfillment.

Greater Autonomy

You may not want to run your own practice. And you don’t have to! However, if corporate limitations on creative, innovative, dedicated physicians frustrate you, then forming your own small business may hold the secret to your financial and professional success. In these pages, you’ll discover how incorporating while being employed enables you to better meet your own needs while continuing to serve your patients—and rediscover the joys of your medical career.

Resources for PhysiciansDoctor Incorporated - You Are a Business

Doctor Incorporated hosts the podcast, The Truth About Employed Physicians. Click to learn more and access the free resources for physicians.