Agency Services

What Will a Physician Agent Do For You?

An agent will get you the best contract, pay for themselves in the process, and help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Physicians are often business-naive, and don’t fully grasp all of the personal and professional opportunities associated with being a doctor. An agent understands you and your unique interests and then pairs that with the optimal legal and business structure to support it. He is a trusted representative of your interests as you navigate to your preferred destination. This includes contract negotiation, legal counsel, business advice, or business mentorship and coaching.

Your agent will generally be responsible to manage
your business and legal affairs, including: 

Representing you in business deals

Representing you in contract negotiations

Managing marketing and business development opportunities

Financial agency work through oversight of bank, tax, accounting, and investment services

This comprehensive scope of service will be outlined in the agency service agreement and will cost not more than 1% of your annual compensation.

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